Cardsphere Economy and Upcoming Promotions

Efren Abrego • March 29, 2024

Hello, traders!

Today I wanted to talk to everyone about upcoming promotions and marketing initiatives that Cardsphere will soon be launching and (hopefully) clear up a few things before any of them become a cause for concern among our users.

Those of you who were along for the ride late last year that culminated in the acquisition of Cardsphere by EDHREC parent company Space Cow Media might remember that one of the sticking points, and reasons the original owners didn’t believe anyone would want to acquire us, is that we always guaranteed that the user balances reflected actual real US dollars that could be cashed out at any time.  We promised that even if all users decided to cash out at once, every penny was accounted for and could be withdrawn, minus fees, of course.

As I touched on in the acquisition announcement article, to our surprise and delight, this was an aspect of the service that SCM was happy to uphold and to this day has not wavered from that commitment.

The reason we're talking about this now is because, in the near future, you may see Cardsphere or other SCM staff promoting things or taking actions that award users with a Cardsphere balance increase.  So, I wanted to take a moment to assure everyone that any time you see this happen, any and all of that balance will be fully accounted for and reconciled with actual USD, which can be withdrawn at any time.

There will be no funny money on Cardsphere ever, period.

The money is not coming from thin air, but rather from a marketing spend for Cardsphere that comes from SCM, our parent company.  We’ll still be using marketing money for things like giveaways, sponsorships, swag, etc., but we will also be allocating a portion of that budget to cover any of the costs involved in what I’ve described above.

With all of that said, I am really excited for our users to get to see some of the fun and interesting things we have coming down the pipeline!  But, as excited as I am, I know that this issue will definitely come up in places like reddit, twitter, and our own discord, so I’m hoping that should you come across any of those (valid) concerns that this article will help set your mind at ease.   One of the keys to Cardsphere surviving for so long while others have come and gone is our ability to learn from the mistakes of others, and to use that knowledge to forge a different path, and printing our own money is simply not something we will ever do.

Thanks and happy trading!