Outlaws of Thunder Junction is Available for Trade!

Efren Abrego • April 12, 2024

It's new Magic set time.. again.. and this time we're on the wild west plane of Thunder Junction for a gathering of some of Magic's most famous legends.

There are a couple of notes before we link you to all the good stuff.  Most importantly, that we have separated The Big Score and Breaking News into their own sets since they have their own set codes and symbols.  If this causes any confusion we can make them into subsets for them inside the OTJ set, but for now they are found separately if you are browsing from our explore page.

The other note is that we are still lacking data and pricing on prerelease promos and promo pack cards, in addtion to a few of the raised foil variants from The Big Score. We'll be working on this throughout the weekend to get the set complete as soon as possible.  Please join our discord and assign yourself the New Cards role if you want to be notified whenever new sets are added to Cardsphere.

Please keep in mind that there is a lot of price volatility for new cards in the time between prerelease and full release.  Please keep your offer limits and price floors accurate and remeber that a price fluctiation is never grounds to dispute a trade.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Borderless
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Extended Art
Outlaws of Thunder Junction - Showcase

Breaking News
Breaking News - Borderless Textured Foil

The Big Score
The Big Score - Extended Art

The Big Score - Showcase
The Big Score - Showcase Raised Foil

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Extended Art

Special Guests - Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Thanks and happy trading!