Mastering Commander Draft

It's Ben Fischer, but this time drafting **two cards** at once! Check out Ben's advice for winning more playing Commander Masters.

7 Min Read

The 10 Most Important Reprints in Commander Masters

The top ten most important reprints in Commander Masters, reviewed by Andy Zupke.

5 Min Read

The Binder Page Method

What is the Binder Page Method? Bodey provides the details and guide to a useful method for shipping cards.

4 Min Read

How I've Adapted To The New Times

Magic: the Gathering finance has been changing more and more over the last few years, and yesterday's strategies aren't good bets today. Cliff Daigle discussed how to evolve in today's world of reprints.

4 Min Read

Hobbits In Cars - An EDH Deck Tech

Andy Zupke thrills us with an unexpected deck tech led by Samwise Gamgee. Let's pack those dirty hobbitses in some vehicles and throw down!

9 Min Read

Amassing Value

Bad news for Frodo and Company- the armies of Mordor are stronger than expected. Amass is an easy way to trophy your next Lord of the Rings draft.

5 Min Read

Why Universes Beyond: Lord of the Rings is Playing Out So Differently

Cliff Daigle examines why the financial aspects of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth are playing out differently than even the most popular sets in Magic's history.

4 Min Read

The Best Commander Cards from Lord of the Rings - Part Two

Sure things? Situational cards? Sleeper hits? Andy Zupke digs deeper than Khazad-dum in part 2 of this quest to uncover every sleeve-worthy Commander card from Lord of the Rings: Takes of Middle-earth.

14 Min Read

Cardsphere Picks: Lord of the Rings

The bravest of Cardsphere staff and community members have come to lend their swords, bows, and axes as they make their picks for their favorite new cards from the new set.

9 Min Read

The Best Commander Cards From Lord of the Rings - Part One

Andy Zupke reviews the legendary creatures from Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth -- which cards are Commanders and which are better in the 99?

7 Min Read