Holiday Shipping Times Update

Read for an important update about allowed transit times for packages sent on Cardsphere.

1 Min Read

Lord of the Rings Holiday Cards Available for Trade

Even more cards have been forged in the fires of Renton, WA, and they're available for trade now on Cardsphere!

1 Min Read

EDHREC Has Acquired Cardsphere

We have finalized a deal to be acquired by EDHREC parent company Spacecow Media.

2 Min Read

Doctor Who Available for Trade!

Magic's latest Universes Beyond crossover set is now available for trade

1 Min Read

Cardsphere is not closing!

Cardsphere will be acquired by a major player in the Magic: the Gathering community, more details inside!

3 Min Read

The End of The End

Cliff Daigle shares about his Cardsphere history in his final article.

3 Min Read

Premium Users Refunded

Today we have refunded all current Cardsphere Premium subscribers and disabled auto renewal. Read for more details.

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Cardsphere Picks: Wilds of Eldraine

Welcome to the last installment of Cardsphere Picks. Let's dive in and take a bite out of some tasty new cards.

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Cardsphere Acquired by EDHREC

Today Efren, Michael, and Ted finalized the sale of Cardsphere Inc. to Space Cow Media, whom you know from EDHREC, Archidekt, Commander's Herald, Commander Spellbook, and other fine CCG products.

2 Min Read

To the Future! And Beyond!

2024's going to arrive with another densely packed schedule of Magic: the Gathering releases. Cliff Daigle looks ahead and starts planning for the upcoming Standard, Universes Beyond, and Remasters due next year.

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