2019 Cardsphere Secret Santa Wrap Up

Josh Moore • December 27, 2019

Cardsphere's 3rd annual Secret Santa was the best year yet!

How do you improve a successful program? I looked at the last two years of wrap up posts to see how we've grown. I was planning to write about good will towards strangers and willingness to spread fun and joy around the world. So far, this post sounds just like the last two. So much

The truth is, spreading cheer around the world to strangers is exactly what Cardsphere Secret Santa is about. As Ted says "We're just trying to make people smile", and in 2019, this community created more smiles than ever.


  • 58 participants (21% growth over last year, 49% over 2017)
  • 7 countries represented (Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Texas)
  • 2/3 Cardsphere staff members participated
  • Gifts travelled 129,650 mi (208.651 km)
  • Furthest distance shipped: 10,493 mi (16.888 km) itgik to chesterr182 (Australia to UK)
  • Shortest distance shipped: 16 mi (26 km) Avin_Chaos to SirQcumber (Both in Minnesota)
  • Most emojis used during messages: Kyle Wells ^_^
  • Items appearing most in "Interests" other than MTG: Coffee, cats, craft IPA
  • Best Christmas tree (after fluffing): Pixie Kitten
  • Okayest Christmas tree (after fluffing): Zesty Fresh Beach Doug
  • As always, Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie

Celebrity gift openings:

Check out this loot:

Thanks again everyone, we'll see you next year!