A Bigger, Better Package Editor

Ted Rodney • August 7, 2018

Today we are introducing a new package review dialog. Let's have a look at what's changed.

As the Cardsphere community continues to grow, and more users add their complete inventories, some very large packages are popping up. The old editor showed each individual card instead of each individual printing, resulting in a very long list to scroll. You couldn't sort or filter within the package itself either. Package totals were always hidden at the bottom out of view. All of this made working with large packages difficult. Performance on large packages was not great, either.

Today we deployed the next iteration of the advanced package editor, built to solve these problems, and also add the ability to view your tags.


The first change you will notice is the numeric control for quantity. You can now type the quantity. No more frantic clicking to add or remove cards.

You can sort by each of the of the columns and extra clicks on a column expose other sort options. The main Card column cycles through sorting by Card Name, Set, Finish, Condition and Language. The Offer column cycles through sorting by dollar value and percentage of the index price. The filter looks at both card name and set.

You can also show the tags applied to your Haves right in the editor, which provides the flexibility to provide all kinds of meaningful information about your inventory at the exact time you're considering a trade.

Special thanks to our Discord moderation team for their input on how to best make the needed improvements. We very much appreciate the time and effort they put in every day to make sure we continue to build successfully on the most powerful peer-to-peer trading platform available today.