Bridging the Multiverse

Josh Moore • April 15, 2022

In Cardsphere's Discord, it's not uncommon to hear members toss around requests and ideas to translate their collection data between Cardsphere and other platforms. It's also not uncommon to hear members wish for a clean method of comparing card prices across different platforms. After seeing these requests pop up, I realized I'd been building something that could fulfill these wishes.

A few years ago I built a website that lists various Pauper decks and groups them into similar power levels or price points to build Battle Boxes. That website hosts its own database of card data, and when a new card is needed for the site, I grab certain data from Cardsphere and Scryfall to populate the database. After doing this manually for far too long, I built a service to gather the data for me, as needed.

After realizing that this service could serve fulfill a much larger list of wants for my fellow discord users, I decided to catalog as much Cardsphere data as possible, translate it to Scryfall and MTGJSON IDs, and make that data openly available.

Behold, the Multiverse Bridge API!

The Multiverse Bridge is a Cardsphere community-built project aimed to help translate Cardsphere card and set data to other platforms, such as Scryfall and MTGJSON. This is a free to use, open-source project, and the first release is live now.

You can review our FAQs in the MVB API discord, however I figured I'd share a few basics here:

Q: Do I have to be a member of Cardsphere to use this service?
A: Nope, anyone can utilize this API.

Q: Where can I find documentation?
A: Official docs are at the Github repo.

Q: Can I join the project team?
A: Possibly. As this is a community-built project we're always open for suggestions and ideas, however we're not quite ready to manage a team of volunteers.

Q: Can I donate to the project?
A: Yes please! We'll keep support links up on the main website.

Comments? Concerns? Questions? Ideas? Insults? Come find us in Discord!