Cardsphere Picks: The Brothers' War

Matt Bodensteiner • November 22, 2022

The holiday season is fast approaching and wouldn't you know it, there is yet another new Magic set to stuff the stockings with. With the release of The Brothers' War, we are reminded that there is no time like the present to revisit the past. So take a seat and join Ted, Bodey, and long-time community member paragon (lazyparagon on Twitch) as they take a look at some of the new (and old) tech that they are hoping to find under the tree (or in the mailbox) this year.


Overwhelming Remorse

I often fail to read cards properly. I've been burned so many times by wishful thinking myself into valuing cards too highly that I made sure to read Overwhelming Remorse a few extra times. It says "exile target creature or planeswalker" for one black mana in just about any graveyard commander deck, right?

Tawnos, the Toymaker

I get very excited when a see a new commander like Tawnos, the Toymaker, where there are multiple synergies to build around. Tawnos doubles up beasts and birds as artifacts, and that means I get to have some fun mining the card pool. The hive mind has already done the work over at EDHREC for sure, but I like to sit down with Scryfall and look for picks myself. Great flavor for Simic colors.

The Stone Brain

When you aren't playing white you won't have a lot of access to Nevermore effects, but The Stone Brain's introduction means all colors have access to a card that shuts down combos. Especially useful for playing against a familiar opponent, with a familiar deck. That drives you crazy.



Mishra's Research Desk

This is one of those innocuous little cards that I love to talk about and throw in my decks. Two mana to draw a card and three mana to do it again later is not terrible and it is positive card advantage. It can help smooth out your early turns or find something to do in the late game. I'm planning to try it out in a commander deck or two with artifact and sacrifice synergies and would be thrilled if this saw play in a Standard or Pioneer Oni-Cult Anvil deck. Seems good in Prosper, Tome-Bound too...

Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa

Sticking with the Mishra theme here, this version is so enticing to build around. A modest form of protection for the entire board and giving access to extra card advantage through the graveyard is right up my alley. I have been on the lookout for a Rakdos commander and Mishra might just be it...

Steel Seraph

I am a bit lukewarm on the prototype mechanic but Steel Seraph speaks to me. I have an artifact deck helmed in part[ner] by Akiri, Line-Slinger and one of that deck's biggest issues is having evasion. Seraph offers that and more! Flying or lifelink is an incredible keyword to add to any of my big attackers. The deck is also full of ways to recur artifacts so being able to play Seraph for only three mana early and reanimate it as a 5/4 flier later is great!


One with the Multiverse

As an avid book reader, I read The Brothers' War many eons ago and this card is the final conclusion of that conflict and the start of an even bigger war. It showcases the moment and the most iconic walker of Dominaria.

Awaken the Woods

First ever land token creator, enables a lot of landfall shenanigans in Commander and a good ramp card as well. Looking forward to this.

Haywire Mite

Next up is an uncommon. If you have played with Urza's Saga then you know this card is hands down one of the best uncommons in this set. Getting an attacker that can exile noncreature artifacts or enchantments when there are so many good ones in any format.