Cardsphere Picks: Wilds of Eldraine

Matt Bodensteiner • September 2, 2023

Welcome to the last installment of Cardsphere Picks.

When I took over the writing for this series over a year ago, my goal was to use it as a space for members of the community to share their excitement of new cards and to showcase the incredible diversity of players within the community. As we revisit Eldraine, a plane of fairy (faerie?) tales, adventure, and food, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the series and helped shape the community into arguably the best part of Cardsphere and certainly the part that will continue to live on beyond the platform.

This time through the woods, I am joined by two long-time regulars of the Discord community, Donald and Tongsy (send him a Tabernacle!). As always, there are no holds barred when making picks. They can be based on any criteria from a card's raw power or most nuanced of use cases to oozing flavor or fantastic new art. Let's dive in and take a bite out of some tasty new cards.


Water Wings

This 2-mana instant packs a whole lotta punch and versatility. It can be an offensive or defensive combat trick to make an attacker or blocker into a surprise 4/4; it can give flying to make something evasive to punch through in crunch time; it can be a protection spell against spot removal; the possibilities go on!

Questing Druid // Seek the Beast

Many players were raving when Wrenn's Resolve was printed in March of the Machine (myself among them) so it's kinda wild that we get another 2-mana impulse draw so soon. Trading length of time the cards hang out in exile for instant speed and getting a Quirion Dryad as a third spell to cast from exile is a pretty good exchange.

Night of the Sweets' Revenge

One of the most fun Commander decks that I've built lately revolves around Rocco, Street Chef and making as much Food as I possibly can. This new enchantment is a slam dunk for that deck. It could only have the second line of text and I'd still play it as a worse Jaheira, Friend of the Forest, but the card does more stuff too. Giving an instant rebate on the green mana spent and providing an outlet for all that Food mana with a temporary anthem effect... chef's kiss.


Devouring Sugarmaw

I always liked the flavor of Fruitcake Elemental (pun intended) and was happy they were able to work food horror into the set. A giant donut with gummy worm arms is hilarious and the adventure side provides some victims to keep the Sugarmaw going for a couple turns.

Gruff Triplets

Getting 9 power worth of trample spread over 3 threats for 6 mana is already solid value. I'm excited to pair them with cards that double tokens and especially Doubling Season which works with the counters as well. They also seem like they'll be a huge bomb in limited.

Obyra, Dreaming Duelist

The Faerie deck for limited looks like it will suit my playstyle and I expect to draft them frequently. The signpost uncommon is great for what the deck wants to do. Flash for holding up interaction, 2 power with evasion for attacking and the last ability gives much needed reach to help race the opponent with small creatures.


Rowan, Scion of War

The EDH deck from this set that I will probably build. She just seems like a very flexible commander to me in terms of power level, one that can be built from a pretty casual deck all the way to cEDH level if that's what you're into. I'm looking at building this as some kind of "X-spell" deck, with some enablers to pay lots of life and big X-spells to do some big splashy plays. I'm thinking plays like Hatred targeting Rowan into Storm King's Thunder into Fling (sacrificing Rowan) copied 10+ times, or Treasonous Ogre into a massive Crackle With Power.

Virtue of Courage // Embereth Blaze

A pretty powerful effect when paired with "deal 1+ damage to each opponent" type cards. I'm looking at this one to slot straight into my Syr Carah, The Bold EDH list, as it is essentially Syr Carah but in enchantment form.  This deck leverages Dragon's Approach with various enablers to keep casting cards from exile and having a bit of redundancy in case she's removed is something the deck is missing, and having both at the same time seems really strong.

Collector's Vault

This card just seems like a pretty strong value piece for 2 mana that can slot into almost any deck. Helps you filter through your deck, fix mana, ramps you a little with the Treasure refund and looks especially good in decks with graveyard, discard, and Treasure synergies.

The Goose Mother

Angry honking noises!