Covid-19 and Cardsphere

Ted Rodney • March 18, 2020

Greetings Spheroids,

Like all of you, Michael, Efren and I have been closely following the news and the best available science about Covid-19, and trying to determine what it means for the Cardsphere community. Currently, we have no plans to cease operations. This is because the decentralized nature of the company means there is no warehouse or staff that will come into contact with each other.

Further, to the best of our understanding, the exchange of cards via mail is a very low-risk activity. If this evaluation changes, we will change what we are doing in response. We do still recommend that people practice common sense precautions as outlined by the health authorities in your region.

We are also monitoring reports of countries that have closed their borders for postal services, or are putting other measures into place that may have an impact on timely delivery. As such, international shipments will be given additional time (2 weeks) to arrive without ruling on disputes for lost mail. The timelines allowed may change as we learn more and see how different governments and services react, and may also be extended to domestic mail timelines.

We ask that Cardsphere users put community health and safety first, remain calm, and be patient with and kind to one another. We know how great this community is and have already seen acts of tremendous kindness exhibited to users in heavily affected areas, like Washington state. If you want to do your part and help combat this terrible pandemic, please sign up for Cardsphere's folding@home team and donate your spare CPU and GPU cycles.

We are all affected by this. We are in this together.

For the most up to date information, please watch for further communications from team in our subreddit, on Twitter, or our Discord server. If you have any concerns or challenges you want to discuss with us, you can reach the Cardsphere team via these resources day or night.

Thanks folks. Stay safe.