Introducing Promo Code Support

Ted Rodney • September 29, 2018

At Cardsphere, we're always looking to push the envelope and try new things. When the opportunity presents itself to try something exciting, and we don't have to re-engineer the platform to do it, we jump right in. So when WotC broke the news about Magic Arena promo codes, we just couldn't help ourselves.

Going forward, you will be able to add cards with ACTIVE promo codes to your Haves & Wants. This is breaking new ground, but we think we have the angles covered with these rules:

  1. You can only add promo code cards to your Haves if you opened the card from a pack yourself, and have not redeemed the code in Magic Arena. This is the only way to ensure unique codes have not already been used.
  2. You must send the physical card upon which the code is printed to the other trader via mail.
  3. As a receiver, you must redeem the code in Magic Arena before you click to accept the card in Cardsphere. Again, this is the only way to confirm the code has not been used.
  4. Some Magic Arena codes may be limited to one per account. It is your sole responsibility as a receiver to understand if you have already used that type of code.
  5. Some Magic Arena codes are non-unique and printed on many cards. This is the case in Guilds of Ravnica's Soldiers and Elf Knights and the PlayRavnica code. These cards are handled as regular tokens.

For Guilds of Ravnica, there are two types of promo code cards being added to Cardsphere: the Prerelease Kit code (this comes on the token included with the seeded Guild Pack) and the Planeswalker Deck codes. Each gets you the digital equivalent product in Magic Arena.


The easiest way to find the promo code cards is to visit the Set page, where they will be listed after all the ordinary listings, just like Sealed product. Also like sealed product, fields not relevant to the item type can't be altered.


Good luck this weekend, everyone! And remember, even if you don't win your paper event, you get a free shot at digital!