Premium Users Refunded

Efren Abrego • September 13, 2023

Today we have refunded all current Cardsphere Premium subscribers and disabled auto renewal.

With Cardsphere closing on Nov 1st 2023, we wanted to make sure to refund anyone that has purchased CS Premium for longer than we will be open, and also want those users to have enough time to use those funds to receive cards should they choose to continue to use the site.

From here, if you wish to continue to use Cardsphere Premium features, you will have to subscribe again in your user settings, but the ability to purchase 1 year has been disabled for all users.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but with only 6 weeks remaining, the action of refunding everyone was a lot quicker than coding, testing, and pushing out a solution to only refund yearly subscribers up until the close date.

Since we made the announcement of the site’s closure, we had several very generous users reach out and ask how they can donate their remaining balance to the site, to which we replied that subbing or gifting premium was always the best way.  Unfortunately, those have also been refunded as a byproduct of this action.  If you still wish to gift a sub, or sub beyond the close date in support of Cardsphere, you are free to do so, and are very much appreciated, but if you do so by mistake or need a refund beyond the close date, you can contact us at and we will be happy to assist with getting your money refunded.

Thank you, we will be in touch again soon with more updates.


Efren, Ted, and Michael.