Top 10 Cube Cards from Strixhaven

Magic With Zuby • April 28, 2021

Strixhaven has been released and you know what that means! New additions to your Cube! This set is brimming with amazing cards and there are so many that I want to try adding to my cubes. After poring through all the cards I’ve come up with, in no particular order, 10 cards I think would be perfect in Cube. Granted, these picks won’t fit everyone’s Cubes.

Rather than pick all the splashy rares and mythics, I always try to look at all the commons and uncommons and see if there is anything that stands out, or that could be replacements for certain cards as well.

Let's see what I found at the School for Mages!

Sedgemoor Witch

In Limited, I am a huge fan of go wide strategies. White and Red (and even Green) can go wide early and rather easily. This is what drew me to Sedgemoor Witch. Black now has its version of Young Pyromancer. With its Ward ability to help protect it, you can easily go wide with this card and it’s a great addition in any cube.

Devouring Tendrils

Move over Rabid Bite, you have officially been replaced. Devouring Tendrils does exactly the same as Rabid Bite for the same cost but includes Planeswalkers and possibly gains you 2 life should you kill the creature or planeswalker you’re attacking. Unless you have a pauper cube, I don’t see a reason to keep Rabid Bite around unless you want two cards with the same effect.

Baleful Mastery

For 4 Mana, exiling any target creature or planeswalker is great right? Other cards of the same kind exist, Vraska’s Contempt, Feed the Serpent, etc... so what makes this better? In a cube with a strong reanimator theme where opponents may get a turn 2 Ulamog because they pitched it and played exhume? This is where Baleful Mastery being your turn 2 play comes in handy. Sure, your opponent draws a card but you just saved your butt from dying by turn 3.

Blade Historian

Blade Historian is a great finisher in aggressive and go wide strategies. It having hybrid mana makes this easier to draft as well if you’re going in either color. If aggro has a spot in your cube, Blade Historian is worth picking up and slotting it in.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences is the type of card that fits in any cube and any deck. Sure, mana rocks exist, but this helps color fixing as well as boosting any sort of land matters theme in your cube as well. The best part? Fits in any deck!

Introduction to Annihilation

Premium removal in any Limited environment is great. Colorless premium removal? Even better. Introduction to Annihilation fits in any sort of deck and helps you get rid of a pesky nonland permanent. Sure your opponent draws a card but that's a small price to pay sometimes. I recommend this card in any of your cubes, especially pauper.

Efreet Flamepainter

Spellslinging is fun and getting to do it for free is even better. Efreet Flamepainter is a fine addition to your spells strategies in Cube along with Talrand Sky Summoner, Young Pyromancer, and the like. Being able to recast your cantrips or burn spells is no small thing and this efreet can cast ANY instant or sorcery from your graveyard, so make it worth it.

Archmage Emeritus

Magecraft is quickly becoming one of my new favorite mechanics. I love spellslinging decks in all sorts of formats and Cube is no exception. The thought of having Archmage Emeritus out and then casting a Ponder or Brainstorm just makes me happy. I love drawing cards, as well any Blue Mage should, and this card helps fulfill that love. As such this card is a great addition in any cube that can support spell slinging strategies.


We just had Ravenform in Kaldheim and now we have Resculpt? Wizards is not messing around with giving Blue some premium removal here. Sure, it gives the opponent a 4/4 but better a 4/4 than the 12/12 they might otherwise have. Pauper and Peasant Cubes will love this. I’m liking this trend of Blue having more ways to deal with creatures besides bouncing or tapping them. I hope we see more similar cards in this vein.

Solve the Equation

Last but certainly not least is Solve the Equation. This is a great budget card and a stronger include for any Peasant cubes. Consider it as somewhat replacing Mystical Tutor. Yes, it’s not an instant, but at least it puts the card in your hand. The only card I could find that came close to this was Merchant Scroll but that only finds blue instants. Solve the Equation fits in almost any cube and is a great low-cost tutor.

There you have it! What else would you have added? Was there a card I missed that I should’ve talked about or included? Let me know! Thank you again for reading!