Trade Fee Update

Efren Abrego • November 13, 2021

Effective December 1st, 2021 the trade fee on Cardsphere will be adjusted from 1% to 3% on a per card basis.  There will be no changes to the cash-out fee.

Cardsphere has always existed with the philosophy of operating lean and keeping fees low, and for the first few years of the service, it worked well.  To help keep costs low, Cardsphere has always been run by the three owners, but over the last year, Cardsphere faced a couple of challenges that made it clear that as we continue to grow, our operating expenses can and will outpace that growth.  Operating as lean as we have been meant that unforeseen costs that can’t be handled by the site owners can eat up an alarming portion of our operating budget.

In order to ensure that we can continue to operate and handle whatever challenges come our way, we’ve made the decision to implement our first ever fee increase.   We hope you’ll understand that we would not increase fees arbitrarily and would only do so if it was absolutely necessary, and we believe that is the case now.

Please take the time between now and December 1st to update your filters and Wants with the 3% fee in mind, which will be applied to any cards committed after December 1st.  Any trades committed before that date will still see a 1% fee for the seller, even if they do not arrive before that date.

If you have not already, please feel free to join us on Discord or our subreddit where Cardsphere staff is available to answer any questions you might have about this change.

Thank you,
-Efren, Ted, and Michael