Versus Series with It Resolves

Kevin Lifsey • July 26, 2018

It’s that time again. The boys at It Resolves talk a lot of magic, but rarely do you get to see them sling spells, and duke it out versus style. The wait is finally over! They just released their second installment of the versus miniseries, and it is one heck of a game. Anything goes, and the colors were chosen at random.

Kevin takes a unique direction on a Naya Toolbox deck, and Will pulls out his twist on Izzet Delver. Will Kevin be able to find the tools he needs to take down Will? Can Will punch through the damage he needs to come out on top? The game is a best of three, and with it being the second versus video there may be something to prove since the last time the players faced each other. Enough talk, it’s time to play some magic...